This week Aquavia partner Harmony Spa sent us photos of a new Cube hot tub installation at a private home in Toulouse.

The spa, installed on a stunning terrace in the centre of the French city, has been integrated seamlessly into the terrace décor. The Cube spa was delivered with Solid Surface finishwith Pure Line Lighting, which illuminates the spa structure to create a unique atmosphere at night.


The spa’s insulated cover ensures low energy consumption and prevents water evaporation. Always included in the spa’s standard model, the cover quickly and easily insulates the spa.

This model is equipped with a Balboa system to programme the spa’s filtration cycles and temperature, ensuring that the spa is always ready to use any time of day or night.

This model includes the Ultraviolet Treatment disinfection system, ideal for safeand worry-free water treatment and disinfection. The system runs automatically and does not add any chemical components to the water.



Please consult our catalogue to discover all the features of our Cube model.