We conceptualize, design, manufacture, test, and market our spas through a process that, fully customized upon request, allows us to deliver within a timeframe of less than three weeks. This agility is made possible by strict scheduling (based on LEAN processes), as well as the expertise of a highly trained and experienced professional team.

Aquavia Spa manufactures spas for both private and public use, hot tubs suitable for any level of intensity of use but always oriented towards exclusivity and maximizing performance. From our modern 5,000 square meter spa factory, we produce over 2,000 spas and swimspas annually, destined for 40 countries across Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Aquavia Spa, a leading manufacturer of spas and hot tubs in Europe

Designed, produced, and marketed exclusively from Barcelona, Aquavia spas lead in quality, functionality, and technical reliability. We control every detail: cutting-edge design, meticulously selected materials, efficiency, and ergonomics, impeccable finishes, and quality control at every stage of the process. All of this ensures that each of our hot tubs is the highest quality and performance product, the most exclusive within its own category in the market.

Our spas incorporate the latest and highest technology to serve the people who will use them. The user is at the center of our R&D efforts, and quality in design is based on enhancing both what is seen and what can only be felt. This, combined with maximum production efficiency based on LEAN processes, makes us the most competitive in added value within the hydrotherapy market.


Design for a Happy Life

Design doesn’t create happiness, but it helps. Aquavia Spa conceives the design of each spa in two directions: internally, in terms of ergonomics and therapy, to ensure that every part of the body can benefit from optimal massage and maximum well-being; and externally, from an aesthetic point of view, to the extent that our hot tubs become the central and distinctive elements of the space where they are located. Without a doubt, happiness doesn’t consist of having a spa at home. Although, what happiness it is to have a spa!

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