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    The Aquavia brand

    Aquavia Spa: the leading hot tub and hydromassage tub manufacturer in Europe


    Made in Barcelona design, constant innovation and a full quality guarantee are three cornerstones of Aquavia Spa, a hot tub manufacturer with 35 years of success. We remain committed to manufacturing our own hot tubs, bucking the global trend of offshoring.

    We conceptualise, design, manufacture, test, and market our hot tubs in a process that can turn around completely customised orders in under three weeks. This is possible thanks to strict scheduling (based on LEAN processes), but also thanks to the reliability of a highly-qualified and experienced team of professionals.

    Aquavia Spa manufactures hot tubs for private and public use, and hydromassage tubs for any type or intensity of use, but one thing they all have in common is a focus on exclusivity and top features. Over 2,000 hot tubs and swimspas are produced each year in our modern, 5,000 square metre hot tub factory and sold in 40 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

    Constant innovation, meticulous control and design focused on user experience

    Designed, produced and marketed exclusively in Barcelona, Aquavia hot tubs are leaders in quality, functionality and technical reliability.

    We control every detail: cutting edge design, meticulously selected materials, efficiency and ergonomics, unmatchable finishes and quality control carried out as part of each and every one of the processes. All of this means that each of our hydromassage tubs is the product of the highest quality and performance, the most exclusive within its market segment.

    Our hot tubs incorporate the latest and most advanced technology to benefit the people who will use them. The user is at the centre of our R&D work and the quality of the design is based on improving what you see and what you can only feel. This, combined with the maximum productive efficiency based on LEAN processes, makes us the most competitive in terms of added value within the hydromassage market.

    Aquavia values

    • 1. Quality
    • 2. Innovation
    • 3. Design
    • 4. Empathy
    • 5. Exclusivity

    1. Quality

    Our quality policy is radical, comprehensive and in-depth. It does not focus solely on the final product but on each and every one of the elements in the design, production, distribution and after-sales processes. This is confirmed by our certifications (ISO 9001 for quality control systems, CE marking for the strictest European standards), but we go much further: our corporate philosophy includes the highest quality in workmanship, in working conditions and in our relationship with the immediate surroundings and the environment in general.

    2. Innovation

    Aquavia Spa allocates a very significant part of its resources to investment in R&D&i (Research & Development & Innovation), always with a clear focus on user experience and the efficiency of the equipment. In addition to providing therapeutic, social and emotional benefits, an Aquavia hot tub must be a leader in technology, energy efficiency, the quality of materials and the reliability of all its components. Year after year, our innovation team ensures that Aquavia Spa is the model to follow for competitors.

    3. Design

    We understand design to be the perfect blend of art and engineering, always with the quality of the user experience as its ultimate goal. Therefore, for Aquavia Spa, design is a means to achieve our objective: that each of our hot tubs stands out for its beauty, of course; but also that the design of its internal layout, the ergonomics of each of its seats, and the positions and configuration of its jets and injectors provide a complete, absolute and unequalled sense of well-being.

    4. Empathy

    We believe that everything we do should have a positive impact on the health and well-being of people and on their quality of life. Empathy, the ability to put ourselves in the place of the people who will use our hot tubs, is the driving force in constantly innovating our products, improving their efficiency, developing responsible sales strategies and providing rigorously committed after-sales services.

    5. Exclusivity

    Our hot tubs are exclusive for two fundamental reasons: on the one hand, each of our products is the best in terms of performance within its market category; on the other, our flexibility and agility in design and production allow us to configure hot tubs completely tailored to each customer and to each individual order. Each Aquavia hot tub is exclusive because, for us, each customer is exclusive.

    Design for a happy life

    Design alone does not make happiness, but it helps. Aquavia Spa focuses on the design of each hot tub in two ways: internally, on an ergonomic and therapeutic level, to ensure that the whole of the user’s body can benefit from optimal massage and maximum well-being; and externally, from an aesthetic point of view, to such an extent that our hydromassage tubs become the central and distinctive elements of the space in which they are located. Of course, happiness does not solely consist in having a hot tub at home. But having a hot tub does make you very happy!