Our AquaviaSpa Official Partner Aquagrup did a great work on a terrace in Gavà Mar (Barcelona). The Quantum hot tub has been perfectly integrated in this location with High Quality finishes and ideal for Leisure and wellness.

A Hot Tub in your terrace

The terrace allows you to enjoy the best sea views, while performing a Hot Tub bath in the unique Quantum hot tub.

Quantum hot tub

Whether you have a garden or a terrace, this spa will blend in perfectly with your surroundings thanks to its modern design. The cabinet comes in two finishes, both of which have an elegant white surround. The shell of the spa can also be ordered in any one of the four colours available.

It comes equipped with 27 jets and 12 air nozzles that are strategically placed inside it. The spa’s four settings aim the jets in different directions, which enables users to enjoy a full massage circuit in a single session.

Like all other Aquavia Spa products, the Quantum hot tub has been designed at our factory in Barcelona. We have been hot tub manufacturers since 1988 and cover all steps in the process, from the design of our products to the after-sales service.