Our Aquavia Partner FI-SA Sauny has just shared some photos with us of the latest hot tubs built in Slovakia. These are two professional hot tubs situated in the wellness areas of two high quality hotels.

A Capri Pearl Shadow hot tub


The Capri model Hot Tub has been designed with a Pearl Shadow colour plate. This five-seater hot tub has a high overflow with a completely different overflow effect to conventional options available in the market.

The hot tub is situated inside the Château Gbel’any hotel located in the town of Gbeľany ( Slovakia).

The facilities are completed with an external terrace and swimming pool with counterflow, massage and lighting. A fully equipped space and luxury facilities for the most complete hot tub sessions.


White Martinique hot tub

The best feature for a water area is a professional hydromassage hot tub. The Martinique hot tub has a spacious interior, suitable for bathing for six users simultaneously. It has an overflow which helps keep the water level always right up to the edge and high-performance equipment to offer its customers the power and reliability necessary for their business.

The hot tub has been installed in the wellness area of the Hotel Alexander located in Bardejovské Kúpele (Slovakia). A four-star hotel which offers all types of luxury. It has a complete wellness proposal for its users and a water area with hot tub, loungers, sauna and various wellness packs.