An Aquavia Spa hot tub in a stylish penthouse

Our hot tub dealer Catalonia Aquagrup has sent us these fantastic photos. What do you think? A stunning terrace, right?

This hot tub was installed in a penthouse in Barcelona, where the customer wanted the hot tub to blend in perfectly with the space. And you’ll be wondering how this hot tub was installed in a penthouse, right? A crane truck with a 30-metre boom was used to get the hot tub onto the customer’s terrace.

In addition to the logistical work involved in lifting a hot tub of this size up to a penthouse, several other jobs had to be completed: joinery, floor levelling, hooking up the water and electricity, an access hatch for future maintenance work… All of which were carefully completed by Catalonia Aquagrup and the project was ready in just 1 week. This meant that the customer could enjoy their completed terrace in the blink of an eye, without having to worry about a thing.

They chose the in-ground hot tub version of the Quantum hot tub, one of the many options offered by Aquavia in its catalogue.

The Quantum hot tub is part of Aquavia’s Exclusive range, which is designed to provide maximum pleasure, performance and energy efficiency. With 4 seats, each with different arrangements of jets (27) and hot air nozzles (12), the Quantum is a fully equipped hot tub with great features for domestic use. Like all of the hot tubs in the Exclusive range, it has a unique design and cutting-edge features. A fully equipped hot tub that is designed for the most demanding customers.