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    • Swimspa
    • In-ground Fitness Hot Tub

    In-ground Fitness Hot Tub

    400 x 230 - 4 places
    Collection Swimspa

    A year-round swimming pool, improved version

    The Fitness Spa is the most compact swimspa on the market, an all-in-one model valued for its versatility in small spaces (400 x 230 cm). Inground is its built-in version, with no cabinet and ready to install in your garden or to be covered in any space. Children use it as a mini swimming pool sized just for them and adults have a 2 metre area where they can practise any aqua fitness or aqua gym activities, alternating with an exceptional massage in its 4 ergonomic hot tub positions. If you want a compact family swimspa, this one is for you.

    There is enough room for counter-current swimming, with 4 powerful water jets that let you swim non-stop throughout your workout or walk against the current. It has two stainless bars for support during aquatic fitness exercises and you can relax before or after in the lounger or two seats, or enjoy the vertical massage column on the side.

    A swimspa with infinite options

    The options for getting the most out of your swimspa are endless, and that is the case with the Fitness Spa Inground, a combined hydromassage tub, mini pool and space to practise sport. You can purchase the standard model or add the Fitness pack:

      • Pole and harness for swimming: this accessory is easily installed on the surface of the side of the hot tub. This means that you can swim comfortably without having to worry about moving forwards and hitting the Swim Spa’s wall.
      • Elastic bands for doing different fitness and aqua gym exercises. They are installed using the hot tub’s stainless steel bars and can be combined with different positions.
      • Oars: excellent exercise for the upper torso area. This consists of two oars installed on the wall of the hot tub, with elastic bands that allow you to adjust the tension. The natural position for rowing is from the central seat.

    The standard version of the Fitness Spa includes many of the exclusive added value features from Aquavia Spa, such as the Colour Sense chromotherapy system with five underwater LED spotlights, which lets you choose fixed or flashing colours, as well as colour sequences. This surround colour can be enhanced with Surround Bluetooth Audio surround sound, with 4 top quality speakers and a subwoofer controlled from your mobile device using Bluetooth.

    The cartridge filtering system included in this compact kit is protected by an anti-corrosive metal structure, it is ultrasilent Silent Pump and includes a disinfection system that works through ultraviolet light (Ultraviolet Treatment), which uses up to 80% less water treatment product. Water that is always crystal clear while practising your favourite activity, in an enveloping atmosphere of light, colour and spectacular sound: in short, a priceless experience.


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    Element finishes Acrylic



    • 1. Five powerful counter-current jets
    • 2. Stairs
    • 3. Fitness inside the hot tub
    • 4. A powerful recovery lounger
    • 5. Grab bars

    Five powerful counter-current jets

    The five jets in the swimming area produce strong turbulence in the water, allowing you to swim in it. The power can be adapted to the needs of the user


    The stairs are an essential accessory that allow you to get in and out of the hot tub comfortably and without risks.

    Fitness inside the hot tub

    Countless options for doing your favourite water exercises: rowing kit, a pole to allow you to swim and elastic bands for doing leg, torso and arm exercises.

    A powerful recovery lounger

    Relax on the lounger after a swimming session in the Swimspa. A powerful massage that will aid in muscle recovery.

    Grab bars

    A practical and decorative element. Made from stainless steel, you can grip the bars inside the hot tub.

    Technical data sheet

    General specifications

    • Hot tub dimensions (cm): 400 x 230 x 138
    • Number of hot tub positions (sitting / laying back / vertical): 4 (2 / 1 / 1)
    • Hot tub volume of water (litres): 6.000
    • Weight of the hot tub: (empty/full): 1.150 / 7.150 Kg.
    • Hot tub massage pump: 3 x 2.200 W / 3 CV
    • Hot tub filtration pump: 400 W
    • Hot tub electric heating: 3.000 W
    • Power required: Low Amp (W) / (A) up to 230 V: 7.000 W / 30,5 A
    • Hot tub voltage: 230 V / 400 V III


    • Hot tub number of jets: 54
    • Hot tub with headrest: 3
    • Hot tub with digital control panel: Touch Panel
    • Ultraviolet Treatment UV: Yes
    • Hot tub with galvanised metal frame: Yes
    • Energy Saving Cover: Yes
    • Colour Sense: 5 LED + lit accessories
    • Stainless Jets / Nozzles: Yes
    • Hot tub with filter: 2 x Cartridge
    • Hot tub waterfalls: 1


    • Swimming and fitness kit for Swimspa or swimming pool: Optional
    • Rowing kit for Swimspa Fitness: Optional
    • Hot tub shell colours: White, Blue Marble, Sterling
    • Type of exterior cabinet finish: Synthetic Grey, Urban Grey
    • Surround Bluetooth Audio: Optional
    • Programmable Wi-Fi Touch Panel: Optional
    • EcoSpa Hot tub with ECOSpa double thermal insulation: Optional
    • Hot tub without Cabinet: Optional

    Compact kit

    • Compact kit - Filter: 500
    • Compact kit - Massage pump: 3 x 2,2 kW
    • Compact kit - Filtration pump: 0,6 kW
    • Compact kit - Heating: 3 kW
    • Compact kit - Push-buttons / Control: Balboa System Control Panel
    • Compact kit - Power required (W): 10.210 W
    • Compact kit - Power required (A): 44,3 A
    • Compact kit - Voltage: 230 V / 400 V III
    • Compact kit - Ozone generation: Yes

    In-ground Fitness Hot Tub
    Any questions?

    Any questions?

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