Surround Bluetooth Audio

The powerful surround sound system controlled from your mobile phone

Listen to your music while relaxing in the spa, thanks to a high quality sound system connected to your mobile device wirelessly, remotely, via Bluethooth. The Surround Bluetooth Audio system allows you to enjoy the best quality, with 4 speakers and a subwoofer, easily and conveniently, from your mobile or tablet (or other Bluetooth-enabled device).

Audio Surround bluetooth Spa Jacuzzi

In addition, the system incorporates a faceplate installed on the spa cabinet that allows you to access the basic audio controls, including the radio tuner.

The spas that include Surround Bluetooth Audio contain 4 x 30W speakers (120W in total) and a 50W subwoofer (bass amplifier), with the exception of the Cube, Wave and Barcelona models which include an internal amplifier with 4 x 50W speakers each.


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