Enjoy your spa with peace of mind

Blue Connect analyses the quality of the water and tells you which chemicals to use in your jacuzzi.

Relax! Always have your spa under control.

Control your spa wherever you are thanks to the connected jacuzzi water analyser and its free Blue Connect application.
Equipped with an innovative “all-in-one” sensor, Blue Connect measures the main spa parameters:

– Water temperature
– The pH
– The level of disinfectant (ORP)
– The level of salts in the water (conductivity)

Depending on the parameters of your spa pool and the state of the water, the application recommends the chemicals needed to maintain it.

Stay connected thanks to Sigfox

Sigfox is the world’s leading Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity service. It works with a network of antennas available worldwide and requires no end-user, no Wi-Fi connection, no subscription and no configuration.

Blue can be connected via :
– Sigfox: Blue Connect continuously sends data to the Internet via Sigfox.
– Bluetooth : you can take an instant measurement directly via Bluetooth.
– Wifi : you can use Blue Connect with your WiFi network thanks to the Blue Extender device.

A sustainable product that respects your health and the environment

Blue Connect helps you to keep your water clean and healthy in all circumstances.

Both Blue Connect and its probe are guaranteed for a period of two years.

Maintenance of the product is very simple and inexpensive. Every two years, it is recommended to replace the probe and battery. You can change it yourself in a few minutes.

Blue Connect works in all counter-current pools and hot tubs (chlorine, bromine and salt).


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