Fitness Spa is the most compact Swimspa on the market, as it has a large bathing space and another space for a fully equipped hot tub area. At 4 metres long and 2.3 metres wide, it is a spacious but compact hot tub: an all-in-one product.

The bathing space is meant for swimming and other fitness activities. The Fitness Spa has two stainless steel bars to perform balance exercises as well as four powerful water jets on one end of the hot tub to swim or walk in the water. The hot tub also contains a lounger, two seats and a vertical massage column.

The most notable feature of this hot tub is the Fitness pack, comprised of:

  • A pole with a harness for swimming: this accessory is easily installed on the surface of the hot tub. This means that you can swim comfortably without having to worry about moving forwards and hitting the swimspa’s wall.
  • Elastic bands to perform various fitness exercises. These are installed using the hot tub’s stainless steel bars and can be combined with different positions.
  • Oars: excellent exercise for the upper torso area. This consists of two oars installed on the wall of the hot tub, with elastic bands that allow you to adjust the tension. The natural position for rowing is from the central seat.

Swimspa Fitness Spa is not only a space to receive a high-quality hydromassage; it is also a recreation centre for family and friends.As it has a free space of more than 2 metres for swimming and doing sport, so it allows the kids in your family to enjoy the hot tub as if it were a mini swimming pool. Moreover, you can enjoy a hydromassage in the jet area or practice rowing.

Swimspa Fitness Spa is equipped to maintain the water at the desired temperature and it can be used all year round, regardless of the outside temperature.