As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our products, we are launching a new Bluetooth sound system for spas, BLUETOOTH AUDIO.

This new system has been designed for the range of Aqualife spas. It is made up of two speakers 2″ in diameter and a powerful subwoofer that delivers the ideal quality of sound for spas in this range.

The system also features a Bluetooth receiver that enables wireless connection to any smartphone or Bluetooth player.


Thanks to this system, the Aqualife range is able to deliver an additional inexpensive feature for your spa that will turn it into your hi-fi system, both whether you are enjoying a hydromassage session in your spa, or if you want to liven up a party or any other occasion when your are outside in your garden or terrace.

The Bluetooth sound system is the best wireless solution for playing your favourite music, as it delivers high quality and reliability.


The models in the Premium and Exclusive ranges have the option of a Bluetooth surround sound system SURROUND BLUETOOTH AUDIO. In contrast to the basic system, this one has four outdoor loudspeakers and a powerful subwoofer. More powerful than the basic version, it is a superior quality system designed for the most demanding users.


Both systems have been an optional feature since June 2015.