When buying a hot tub, the amount of power it consumes is one of the main things that matter. How much power will your hot tub consume?This mainly depends on how much you use it (how often you bathe in your hot tub) and the local weather conditions.

We cannot control the ambient temperature, but we can help to reduce the impact that this temperature has on the hot tub.

This is why we have designed a new feature that provides added insulation, the NORDIC INSULATION SYSTEM.

What does this new system involve?

The NORDIC INSULATION SYSTEM consists of 10 mm of insulating material, composed of 5 layers. This insulating layer is on the sides and curves of the cabinet, creating an insulating air chamber inside it. The insulating layer that surrounds the entire cabinet is 10 mm thick, with material composed of 5 layers:

  • Aluminium
  • RC9 Foam + Low Density Polyethylene (with a double layer).
  • FONEX non-cross-linked polyethylene foam (20 kg/m3).
  • RC9 Foam + Low Density Polyethylene (with a double layer).
  • Aluminium

Will the NORDIC INSULATION SYSTEM reduce the power consumption of my hot tub?

Yes. This system reduces the power consumed by the hot tub.Thanks to the additional insulating layer, we achieve thermal resistance (ability of the material to resist heat transmission) of approximately 40 m2.K/W, compared to the ECOSpa system.

Temperature test ECOSpa option


Temperature test NORDIC INSULATION SYSTEM option


These are the photographs taken from the results of our test. In each of the thermal photographs taken, we compared the efficiency of the ECOSpa system with that of the NORDIC INSULATION SYSTEM.

If you are thinking about buying a hot tub and you live in an area with cold temperatures, you should consider this option. It will help you to optimise your power consumption and ensure that your hot tub does not suffer from heat losses in any part of the cabinet.

A good way of achieving energy efficiency and ensuring adequate and sustainable power consumption.

There’s no doubt, the NORDIC INSULATION SYSTEM is the best option for the toughest climates.