The ideal hot tub for hotel rooms

Welcome to the world of luxury and exclusivity in the hotel sector with Aquavia Spa‘s Hotel hot tub! Our whirlpool baths, also known as hot tubs, are the ultimate choice for hotels looking to stand out and offer unique experiences to their guests. This spa is a perfect combination of design and advanced technology to guarantee an incomparable experience of comfort and relaxation. With 20 strategically distributed hydromassage jets, its automatic filling system renews the water in just 30 minutes, keeping it always in optimal conditions. It also features Colour Sense chromotherapy and Ultraviolet Treatment disinfection for a complete sensorial experience and maximum hygiene. Its Energy Saving Cover guarantees energy savings of 69%, while the Isolated Nordic System total insulation system ensures optimal performance in any environment, making the Hotel hot tub the ideal choice for both indoors and outdoors.

Spa pour hôtel de la marque Aquavia Spa, jacuzzi extérieur


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European spa manufacturer located in Spain

Designed and produced exclusively in Europe, with the highest quality certificationIn the face of the production decentralization trend, Aquavia Spa has chosen to maintain its own production, from Cervera (70 km from Barcelona), of all our spas, pools.

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Robust structures that ensure a long product life Aquavia Spa's robust metal structure guarantees the durability and resistance of your spa in any environment, backed by a 15-year warranty for lasting peace of mind.

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The strong influence of one of the most creative cities in the worldAquavia Spa combines the creative dynamism of Barcelona with innovation in engineering to offer unique and exclusive spas, committed to quality, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

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Furniture without screws, with a comfortable opening mechanism for manipulation Woodermax from Aquavia Spa is an exclusive spa furniture with a slat fastening system that eliminates visible screws, offering simple and practical installation and maintenance for a

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Healthy, sustainable, and efficient disinfection with ultraviolet light Aquavia Spa's Ultraviolet Treatment ensures clean and fresh water in your spa through UV disinfection technology, reducing chemicals and eliminating chlorine odor for a relaxing exper

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Chromotherapy for improved well-being and health The Colour Sense system turns a spa into a chromotherapy center, using LED lighting to project specific colors or sequences of light believed to have positive effects on health and we

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Water quality and temperature with maximum durability and style in your cover Discover the innovative Prime Tex Cover covers, designed to elevate the elegance and style of your spa.

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Silent, economical, and independent filtration for crystal-clear water at all times This innovative system is extremely quiet and consumes very little energy, meaning you won't have to wait until night to filter your spa water.

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Energy-efficient insulationAquavia Spa's EcoSpa insulation system ensures a constant water temperature with up to 69% energy savings, even in cold climates, promoting efficiency and environmental respect.

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Unbeatable energy savings in extremely cold temperatures Aquavia Spa's Nordic Insulation System offers total insulation for your spa in cold environments, maximizing energy efficiency and ensuring 80% savings even in extreme temperature con

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An extensive guarantee

We offer long-lasting guarantees, because the quality and reliability of our hot tubs makes it possible.

15 years for frame

10 years for acrylic

2 years for components