Optimal enjoyment

The Aquavia Water Care disinfection kit offers us the ultimate solution to maintain the water quality of your spa efficiently and without complications. Forget about cumbersome tests and tedious processes; with Aquavia Water Care, ensuring clean and crystal-clear water is easier than ever, guaranteeing excellence in every drop with minimal effort.

The pleasure of a bath in a spa or hot tub is incomparable, especially when every moment of relaxation is lived to the fullest, free from worries about bacteria or the formation of limescale deposits that can compromise the beauty and functionality of your personal oasis. The solution? Aquavia Water Care. This Aquavia Spa system cleans the water from the bottom to the surface easily but effectively, preventing the accumulation of limescale and the growth of microorganisms, while also dissolving existing deposits.

The perfect combination of an ozonizer or UV lamps complements the action of Aquavia Water Care, eradicating bacteria and ensuring complete disinfection. The result: purified, crystal-clear, and soft water for a unique spa experience.

Additional advantages

They include impeccable hygiene in your spa or bathtub, prolonging its lifespan and benefiting both the body and the soul. The use of Aquavia Water Care transforms water into an elixir that softens the skin and relaxes the spirit, maintaining the water quality of your spa easily and comfortably. This product, essential in our range of Aquavia spas, comes in a starter kit designed to simplify its use and guarantee flawless water for the first month.

Package contents:

  • 2 bottles of 500 ml Aquavia Water solution
  • 1 liquid meter
  • 1 pack of disinfectant tablets (slow-dissolving chlorine)
  • 1 tablet chlorine dispenser
  • 1 microfiber cloth

Each Aquavia Water Care Kit is designed to last approximately between 4-5 months*, depending on the liters of water and the size of your spa. Adapting to the volume of your spa and the filtration hours, the duration of the kit may vary depending on personal use.

Enjoy the purity, clarity, and softness of the water in your spa or hot tub with Aquavia Water Care, the promise of an exceptional spa experience focused on comfort, effectiveness, and minimal effort.

*The estimated duration of the kit depends on the size of your spa and usage practices.