Thanks to our Surround Bluetooth Audio you can listen to your music in the hot tub

Two of the outstanding features of Aquavia hot tubs are Surround Bluetooth Audio and Bluetooth Audio, which allow you to enjoy your favourite music while you relax in your hot tub.

Surround Bluetooth Audio is a system that features an exterior panel that is installed in the cabinet, with basic audio controls, including a radio tuner, and it connects via Bluetooth to your mobile device or tablet. The device provides outstanding sound quality, with four 30 W speakers (120 W in total) and one 50 W subwoofer (bass amplifier), except for the Cube, Wave and Barcelona models that come with an internal amplifier with four 50 W speakers.

Bluetooth Audio, is the perfect system for relaxing in your hot tub. Thanks to its two speakers and its subwoofer, strategically located in the hot tub’s cabinet, you can listen to the best music by simply connecting to Bluetooth.

Without a doubt, these are the perfect accessories to make sure that your hot tub experience is always unforgettable.

And, for fans of great music and Spotify we have created the Aquavia Spa Moments playlist with some very special tunes, so that you can relax and make the most of Aquavia Spa’s features. Enjoy!

Link: Aquavia Spa Moments