ASOFAP interview with Artur Deu, CEO of Iberspa

ASOFAP takes a look at the companies that were winners at the awards


Artur Deu, CEO of Iberspa, gave an interview after receiving the Silver Award certificate at the EUSA 2019 Awards for domestic spa installations.

The interview he gave to the Spanish Association of Swimming Pool Professionals (ASOFAP) on 19/11/2019 is below:


Your company received an award at the EUSA 2019 Awards, with the SILVER AWARD certificate for domestic spas. What does receiving this award mean to your company?

It is recognition of the strategy that we have developed; we are a company with an innovative approach: we create a variety of products, with a distinctive design that meets the expectations of European customers. Receiving an award for design will allow us to continue along the same path, creating our own style and setting trends within the sector.


When your company decides to design or build a swimming pool, what are the main criteria that guide your work?

Our aim is to create feelings for our customers. In our opinion, getting into a hot tub should be an exciting experience and we are fully committed to providing all of the magic required for those moments of well-being, peace and calm that are experienced in a hot tub. We work on the exterior design of the hot tub, seeking to ensure that it blends in with any surroundings, and on the ergonomics of each different position, the hydromassage option and the different solutions that help to improve sustainability.


What are the biggest trends that you are seeing in swimming pools in the category for which your company received the award?

The current market trends show that people want minimalist designs, based on straight lines, organic materials and basic colours. The current trends in the sector seek beauty and elegance in simplicity.


Based on your experience and knowledge, what is most widely requested by customers of swimming pools in the category for which your company received the award?

Our know-how allows us to ensure that the three most important criteria required by a customer are a unique and personalised design that enables the hot tub to blend in with its surroundings. For the hot tub to blend in with the garden, terrace or room, like any other decorative feature of the home. For the hydromassage option to be complete and varied. To have a hydromassage circuit that allows the user to experience the pleasure of a hydromassage in the most varied way possible and, similarly, for it to have positions that provide massages for different parts of the body. And the ergonomics must meet the customer’s needs, not only in terms of the shape of the seats and loungers, but also in the way you enter and move around in the hot tub.


Your company was eligible for the European swimming pool awards because Iberspa is a member of ASOFAP. What do you value most about being a member of ASOFAP?

All of the work that it does to help grow the swimming pool and wellness sector, in particular the projects that it carries out to professionalise the sector and create added value for companies, especially the training and dissemination activities. I would also highlight ASOFAP’s ability to work together as a sector when dealing with outside parties, protecting its members’ interests. Without the association it would be impossible to tackle projects that are outside the scope of each private company. Additionally, I think that ASOFAP is the perfect environment for networking with other companies in the sector. In this sense, the association’s annual meeting is an excellent place to exchange ideas, get to know other companies and people, a space to find synergies and partnerships. In short, an environment in which the cohesion between the companies in the sector is strengthened.