At Aquavia Spa we want to reinvent ourselves and embark on a new chapter that symbolises the evolution of the company and our extensive product range. For this reason, we are presenting to you our new corporate image. The new design that we developed is based on simple and balanced lines and is easily adaptable, with the aim of improving our visibility without losing the essence of our brand. The idea behind this new design is centred around creating a unique, easily readable and readily associable logo that defines our mission and company values.

The change of font to sans-serif and the shift in colour palette to silver tones provide the necessary nuances of design, innovation and exclusivity. Decontextualisation that avoids the obvious range of blues used in the industry and increases our appeal to our target audience. This differentiation also gives the logo the added value of quality which, combined with our technological innovations, puts us a step ahead of our competitors.

As for the logo symbol, the circle symbolises perfection and eternity; it has no beginning or end and it is used to represent movement, in this case the movement of water. The circular form seeks to convey a positive emotional message, reinforcing our brand image while also serving as our hallmark.