Our SwimSpa range is being enhanced with Sky, the versatile mini pool designed for everyday use

Aquavia Spa is strengthening its commitment to hydromassage swimming pools thanks to this new, much-anticipated launch: the Sky SwimSpa, a mini pool that is compact in size (400x230m), designed to meet your everyday sport and wellness needs. The concept behind our latest creation: use it any way, any time.

A hot tub that can be adapted for indoor areas with relatively little space and outdoor areas, whether on a terrace or in a garden (covered with a cabinet or in-ground version), Sky was designed by Aquavia Spa’s R&D+i department to offer users a pleasant, hassle-free and versatile experience. Swimming pool, hydromassage or both at once, the new Sky is designed for the whole family, to be enjoyed alone or together.

A mini pool whose size can be adapted to suit your home

Sky is here with its 12 hydromassage jets arranged vertically, so there is no loss of swimming space. It features all of Aquavia Spa’s main technological innovations, with our ultraviolet light disinfection system, ultra-silent filtration, chromotherapy and high energy efficiency. And of course, it is an “all-in-one” and “plug-and-play” system, so it just needs to be plugged in to work.

Without a doubt, the Sky SwimSpa is bursting onto the scene as part of Aquavia Spa’s residential range, further consolidating our position as the most innovative European hot tub manufacturer and engineer in the sector.