Our Aquavia Partner, Geiger Pool, managed by Michael Geiger, has completed its showroom in Auggen in southern Germany, near to Zurich (Switzerland).

The showroom has a display space of 250 metres² and is displaying hot tubs from the Exclusive and Premium ranges of the Aquavia Spa brand. The models that you can be seen are: the Cube, Nice and Sunset Pro hot tubs.

Thanks to the display, customers can see the dimensions of the hot tubs, the types of cabinet finishes, such as the Cube hot tub’s Solid Surface white finish or the Sunset hot tub’s Nogal finish, and the colours of the shells, among other features.

Additionally, to expand the capacity of the Geiger Pool showroom, they are building a “Poolpark”, an area of over 800 metres² for outdoor hot tubs and swimming pools.

The showroom also has a section where you can buy products for the cleaning and maintenance of hot tubs, making it possible for customers to obtain any product they need.

Make sure that you visit the Geiger Pool team’s showroom, they’ll help you with any questions you may have. Thanks to this new showroom, the Aquavia Spa brand is increasing its presence in the German market.