Enjoy your spa with complete peace of mind

Blue Connect analyzes the water quality and provides recommendations for the chemicals needed for your spa.

Relax! Your spa is always under control.

Monitor your spa from anywhere with the connected spa water analyzer and its free Blue Connect app. Equipped with an innovative “all-in-one” sensor, Blue Connect measures the main parameters of the spa:

  • Water temperature
  • pH level
  • Disinfectant level (ORP)
  • Salt level in the water (conductivity)

Based on your pool’s parameters and water condition, the app recommends the necessary chemicals to maintain it.

Stay connected thanks to Sigfox.

Sigfox is the world’s leading Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity service. It operates with a network of antennas available worldwide and requires no Wi-Fi connection, no subscription, and no configuration from the end-user.

Blue can connect via:

  • Sigfox: Blue Connect continuously sends data to the internet through Sigfox.
  • Bluetooth: You can take an instant measurement directly with Bluetooth.
  • WiFi: You can use Blue Connect with your WiFi network using the Blue Extender device.

A sustainable product that respects your health and the environment

Blue Connect helps you keep the water clean and healthy in all circumstances. Both Blue Connect and its probe are guaranteed for a period of two years. Product maintenance is straightforward and cost-effective. Every two years, it is recommended to change the probe and the battery, which you can do yourself in just a few minutes. Blue Connect works in all pools and spas (chlorine, bromine, and salt).