A swimming pool or a Swimspa in your home?

One of the most frequently-asked questions when it comes to installing a swimming pool in your home garden is the kind of installation you need: the space necessary, fitting, pipes, electricity etc. Installing a Swimspa in your home makes this entire process a whole lot easier, making it simple, quick and convenient. With a Swimspa, you will have more room, you will have a space designed for your comfort and you will be able to enjoy this luxury all year round.

A Swimspa is a compact heated swimming pool that not only has a hydromassage area, but also has an area designed for swimming or any other water-based sporting activity.

Swimspa Amazon installed by Harmony Spa

The main advantages that a Swimspa has over a swimming pool are:

– A complete LED lighting system to turn your Swimspa into a chromatherapy centre.
– Counter-current area with power adjustment.
– Hydromassage area with several positions, so that you can enjoy a high-quality massage at any time.
– Built-in electric heating that allows you to maintain a constant water temperature throughout the year and enjoy the system, whatever the ambient temperature.
– An isothermal cover that not only helps to maintain an optimal level of power consumption, but also to keep the water clean in a hassle-free way. It is also an essential element for keeping children safe.
– Built-in filtration and disinfection of water through ultraviolet water treatment. The ultraviolet system effectively eliminates bacteria and germs from the water.

Swim spa Amazon installed by Rondanlo. The colour LED lights turn the Swim spa into a chromatherapy centre.

A Swim spa can be installed above ground or can be sunken. The product has an inner frame that enables easy installation, whatever the aesthetic design. An investment in a Swim spa is an investment in health, time and money and it optimises the usable space of the home.

Swim spa Amazon installed by Harmony Spa. There’s no need to worry about the quality of the water with the Aquavia Spa filtration and disinfection systems.