In our constant pursuit of excellence, we are excited to introduce Prime Tex Cover, the latest addition to our spa cover line. Meticulously designed to take your spa experience to the next level, Prime Tex Cover stands out for its innovative features and elegant aesthetics. Personal expression finds its way with the wide range of colors it has to offer. From the bold distinction of black in our Exclusive Range to the serene elegance of dark gray in the Premium Range, each shade has been carefully selected to define the unique characteristics of our spa ranges. Choosing the perfect color for your spa has never been easier.

New textile material for Prime Tex Cover: Quality, durability, and luxurious touch

In the pursuit of excellence, we have selected a new textile material that not only stands out for its quality and durability but also for its luxurious touch. Experience the feeling of luxury and comfort every time you interact with your new cover. Additionally, this textile material offers enhanced protection against harmful UV rays, extending the lifespan of your cover.

We introduce an innovative feature in Prime Tex Cover: an interior grid that prevents the accumulation of rainwater. This ingenious design significantly improves the thermal insulation of the cover, efficiently maintaining the water temperature in your spa. With this addition, your spa will be protected against moisture, reducing energy consumption and providing a more sustainable experience. The exceptional waterproofing of the new cover not only ensures protection against the elements but also contributes to a longer product lifespan. The metallic hue of the interior grid not only provides an effective barrier against water but also adds a sophisticated and elegant touch to the inside of the cover, elevating the aesthetics of your spa.

Prime Tex Cover Aquavia Spa

We are excited to present this significant leap in the Exclusive and Premium ranges with Prime Tex Cover. This cover not only provides exceptional customization but also enhances the performance of your spas, offering an unparalleled relaxation experience. Discover luxury, innovation, and exceptional care with Prime Tex Cover: the perfect choice for those seeking the best for