When purchasing a spa, many questions arise, with the most important ones being related to the space where we will install our future jacuzzi. When we imagine a spa in our garden, we place great importance on the design of the area, always thinking about how the product will integrate perfectly with the surroundings, whether with our tiles, wooden decking, or wall colors.


This is where we can play with the finishes of the hot tub cabinet and the color of the acrylic. Aquavia spas offer a wide variety of options for customization, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the color that best suits. Don’t worry, our network of distributors has many years of experience in the sector and knows exactly which spa model or color best suits the client’s needs.


outdoor built-in spa


Advantages of opting for a built-in spa

Opting for a built-in spa is one of the options we offer at Aquavia Spa for these cases. Our built-in spas are delivered without a cabinet, with a metal structure and all the necessary equipment, making installation easy. When covering them, you can use the same materials you are using for covering your pool, decking, or terrace floor. This will give it an elegant touch and make it fully integrated into the desired space.


built-in spa jacuzzi aquavia


Remember that a jacuzzi must always have access for equipment maintenance, but this personal touch will give your spa a great look! Before carrying out any work, we advise you to consult the spa installation manual to see in detail how to install a built-in hot tub.


built-in spa jacuzzi


As a brand specialized in the manufacture of spas, we recommend that cabinets have good ventilation. Therefore, it is not possible to install an Aquavia spa with exterior cladding while keeping the original cabinet of the jacuzzi. But remember: if your choice is to buy a built-in spa from Aquavia Spa, you can check our built-in spa options and you will see that there is a custom solution for your project. Or, if you prefer, call us and we will advise you to find the ideal solution.