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    Barcelona Design

    Innovative design, creative engineering

    Barcelona is one of the world's leading design cities. Its cosmopolitan nature and creative tradition have made it one of the world's leading trendsetters and a hub of innovation in Europe.

    Aquavia Spa has become imbued with this spirit, creating its own style with creative engineers and innovative designers. Thanks to this creative vision, in line with the strategic approach of our management, we strive to make our hot tubs unique, with a character of their own and an exclusive design.

    During the design process, Aquavia Spa draws inspiration from studies on aesthetic trends, as well as from the continuous research into materials, structural elements and technical and technological mechanisms carried out by our R&D&I department, with a strong focus on the user experience (UX).

    All in all, our commitment to innovation and design makes our product attractive, modern and exclusive, whatever range it belongs to, with a strong focus on quality, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.